Mensch Capital acquires the rights to intellectual property and formulates and implements monetization strategies to maximize the value of its assets. We use a combination of proven methods including licensing, commercializing and/or selling the patent. Each strategy is based upon the specific patent and markets. Simply, we work for the strongest possible return for both the firm and those that deserve it most – the minds behind the intellectual property.

Each new investment that Mensch makes is a fresh opportunity to recognize the people and places that took the biggest risk by believing that something could be created that had never existed before. Investing In Intellect is a mission to reward that risk and ensure that the incentives are in place for people to keep investing in their own unique ideas.



Integrity guides all that we do. In a business where our network and the strength of our relationships are critical to the success of the company, how we conduct business matters most. The community in which we work deserves our best work. Every member – universities, hospitals, doctors, scientists, engineers and innovators of all types – deserve respect, fairness and should be honored for their commitment to innovation. They deserve to be rewarded. We do the right thing because it’s the only way a company like ours can succeed.



Eric Hurwitz

Eric is an expert in intellectual property investment and monetization and has lead hundreds of strategic transactions including brand licensing, patent & product licensing, art licensing, sales and distribution partnerships.

Todd Goldstein

Todd is an entrepreneur, investor, advocate for patent holders’ intellectual property rights and is co-founder of LaunchHouse, home to a range of promising idea-stage startups in Northeast, OH.

Karl Maersch

Karl is a registered patent attorney and a former patent litigator and licensing executive with patent licensing, strategy and monetization experience in a large law firm, at Fortune 500 companies and with a defensive patent aggregator.


Terry O’Toole

Terry is an experienced IP strategist who has supported  all aspects of patent life cycle management across a broad range of technologies. He holds a Ph.D. in chemistry and is inventor on 45 issued U.S. patents.